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BJ Mann Divorce Blog IndexThis page organizes all of BJ’s blog posts by divorce topic. It will be updated each time BJ publishes a new post.

We hope it helps you find the information you are looking for.

If not, please contact BJ, and she’ll be glad to help.

Mediation Process

Why Divorce Mediation Works
How NY Divorce Laws Might Affect YOU
How to Begin the End of Your Marriage
The Big Decision: How to Start a Divorce
Finding Your Way Using Divorce Mediation
The Gray Divorce: Baby Boomers at 50 and Beyond
Why Choose Divorce Mediation: An Infographic
9 Reasons to Use Divorce Mediation
Dictionary of Divorce Terms

The Divorce Agreement

The Most Important Document in Divorce
Is My Divorce Separation Agreement Enforceable?

Financial Assets

The Wolf Is At the Door—Sharing Money in Divorce
A Price Tag on Emotions: Divorce Math
Divorce and Assets: Marital Versus Separate Property
Divorce and the Marital Home
Valuing a Business in a Divorce
Divorce and Your Credit: Myths and Facts
Divorce and Bankruptcy
Digital Assets and Divorce
Digital Divorce: Managing Family Logins and Passwords


Anything But My Pension: Divorce Math
Divorce and 401Ks and IRAs
Social Security Benefits After Divorce

Insurance, Taxes, Wills

Health Insurance Options with Divorce
Adding Insult to Injury: Taxes During Divorce
No Spouse, No Backup: You Need a Plan

Spousal Maintenance

Spousal Maintenance Part 1 – What Is It?
Spousal Maintenance Part 2 – Temporary
Spousal Maintenance Part 3 – Post-Divorce
Spousal Maintenance Part 4 – Calculations
Divorce and the IRS: The Alimony Recapture Rule

Child Support

Organizing Child Support in Divorce-Part 1
Organizing Child Support in Divorce-Part 2
Divorce and Paying for College
Divorce and College Financial Aid

Parenting and Divorce

1. Creating a Good Divorce Parenting Plan for Your Children
2. The Top Dozen Parenting Issues in Divorce
3. Divorce Parenting Plans That Work
4. Successful Joint Custody in Divorce Means No Surprises
5. What Else Does Your Parenting Plan Need to Have?
6. Holidays, Your Divorce, and Your Children: Making It Work
7. Pet Custody in Divorce
8. How to Help Kids Cope with a Parent’s New Romance
9. Relocation and Children in Divorce

Children and Family

Divorce Through the Eyes of Your Child
Tips for Telling Your Children Your Marriage Is Over
Divorce and the Three-Legged Stool: Life Lessons for Children
Mommy and Daddy Don’t Live Together Anymore
Coping With Children’s Sadness During Divorce
Children’s Bill of Rights When Their Parents Divorce


The Five Stages of Divorce
What Is the Number One Source of Marital Conflict?
Relationship Wisdom from a Six-Year-Old Girl
Does a Prenuptial Agreement Lead to Divorce?
Must Love Dogs: A Relationship Plan

Divorce Support and Healing

Divorce Support: Neutral Ground, Rochester NY
Divorce Support: Solid Sources of Practical Advice
5 Tips to Support Your Friend Going Through a Divorce
An Unexpected Source of Healing in Divorce
When Hopin’ Ends, the Healin’ Begins
Top 10 Ideas for Divorce Healing
What Is Your Divorce Mask?
Some of the Most Beautiful Gifts Come in Ugly Wrapping Paper
Three Tips for the Winter Solstice–and Living Through a Divorce
New Year’s Resolutions and Divorce

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This blog and its materials have been prepared by BJ Mediation Services for informational purposes only and are not intended to be, are not, and should not be regarded as, legal or financial advice. Internet subscribers and online readers should not act upon this information without seeking professional counsel.

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