Why Choose Divorce Mediation: An Infographic

A great summary of the statistics that show divorce mediation produces agreement in 50-80% of cases. Source: TopCounselingSchools.org … [Read more...]

Three Tips for the Winter Solstice–and Living Through a Divorce

Ending a marriage can be like your own personal winter solstice. It can be among the darkest days of your life, feeling as if the cold will never end. But nature is a good teacher. The shortest, darkest day in December is followed by days that … [Read more...]

The Five Stages of Divorce

Many people liken the end of a marriage to a death, and, in many respects, that is accurate. It is the end of a dream and a vision that had sustained you for a long time. There have been many comparisons to the five stages of death described by … [Read more...]

The Big Decision: How to Start a Divorce

The Decision to Get Started Often a couple has agonized for months or even years over whether to end their marriage. Those conversations are difficult and include lots of wishing and hoping. Perhaps counseling has been useful, helping to discern … [Read more...]

How NY Divorce Laws Might Affect YOU

No-Fault Divorce in New York State October 2013 marks three years since NY State changed its divorce laws and became the last state to allow no-fault divorce. While no-fault divorce dominated the headlines, changes made at the same time in temporary … [Read more...]

Why Divorce Mediation Works

When you hear the word “mediation,” what do you think of? Most people connect it to making peace or compromising or resolving a conflict with the help of someone. Mediation is used for working through many topics such as international problems, labor … [Read more...]