Digital Assets and Divorce

Almost every couple owns assets in digital format, including their iTunes music library; Kindle/Nook/other ebook libraries; and digital TV shows, movies, and games. During divorce, a judge or the couple makes decisions regarding how to divide … [Read more...]

Divorce Parenting Plans That Work

More and more separated and divorced parents are opting to spend time with their children as often as possible. Managing this requires a parenting plan, part of the legal agreement (MOU) that spells out a clear, specific schedule for children as well … [Read more...]

Dictionary of Divorce Terms

Divorce is a confusing process at best. Legal language and related words often have precise meanings that don't easily translate for the couple going through divorce. I developed this dictionary to help my clients and reduce their … [Read more...]

Finding Your Way Using Divorce Mediation

When clients begin making decisions regarding ending their marriage, they often feel as if they are entering a deep, dark woods with no path, flashlight, or map. Many express a wish that they could understand all of the things they need to discuss … [Read more...]

Valuing a Business in a Divorce

Putting a price tag on a business is a complex task that gets even more complicated when divorce is involved. Many states view ownership of business interests differently, including what share belongs to the non-owner spouse and how to value the … [Read more...]

Organizing Child Support in Divorce-Part 2

The prior post, "Organizing Child Support in Divorce-Part 1," introduces the concepts of child support in divorce. It also explains the "percentage" portion of child support. To calculate that portion, the focus is on the total number of children … [Read more...]

Organizing Child Support in Divorce-Part 1

One of the scariest parts of ending a marriage is the worry about financial security.Each person wants to create a comfortable home for themselves and their children. When couples discuss how they are going to share money between them, there are … [Read more...]

The Gray Divorce: Baby Boomers at 50 and Beyond

As with so many of life's assumptions, Baby Boomers are busting through many of the myths regarding aging. Now entering their 50's and 60's, Baby Boomers consider this period the “youth of our old age.” The notion of “until death do us part” has … [Read more...]

Anything But My Pension: Divorce Math

In a previous post, I discussed how divorcing couples divide financial assets and debts during divorce mediation. In it I provided an example of how the decision to share 401Ks, IRAs, and similar retirement savings funds is handled. In this post, … [Read more...]

A Price Tag on Emotions: Divorce Math

Bob and Sally arrive for their first appointment and announce, “We have everything worked out. This will be an easy mediation for you.” What I know is that divorce mediation is never easy. In this case, Bob and Sally have no children and have … [Read more...]