Divorce and the Three-Legged Stool: Life Lessons for Children

Without a doubt, sharing the information with your children that Mom and Dad are ending their marriage ranks among the hardest conversations imaginable. No matter what the reasons are for ending your marriage, both of you hope and wish your … [Read more...]

Valuing a Business in a Divorce

Putting a price tag on a business is a complex task that gets even more complicated when divorce is involved. Many states view ownership of business interests differently, including what share belongs to the non-owner spouse and how to value the … [Read more...]

Children’s Bill of Rights When Their Parents Divorce

During mediation with clients who have children, I always point to an empty chair and say, “Let’s imagine that your children are sitting right here and listening to every word.” When the mediation discussion gets difficult, I remind clients that … [Read more...]

Anything But My Pension: Divorce Math

In a previous post, I discussed how divorcing couples divide financial assets and debts during divorce mediation. In it I provided an example of how the decision to share 401Ks, IRAs, and similar retirement savings funds is handled. In this post, … [Read more...]

A Price Tag on Emotions: Divorce Math

Bob and Sally arrive for their first appointment and announce, “We have everything worked out. This will be an easy mediation for you.” What I know is that divorce mediation is never easy. In this case, Bob and Sally have no children and have … [Read more...]

The Wolf Is At the Door—Sharing Money in Divorce

An elderly Cherokee Native American was teaching his grandchildren about life. He said to them, “A fight is going on inside me. It is a terrible fight, and it is between two wolves. One wolf is evil—he is fearful, angry, jealous and negative. … [Read more...]

How to Begin the End of Your Marriage

The phone rings, and the caller speaks. “I’m calling to get more information about the divorce mediation process.” “My husband just told me he wants to end our marriage, and I don’t know what to do.” “We both agree we need to end our marriage. … [Read more...]

Why Choose Divorce Mediation: An Infographic

A great summary of the statistics that show divorce mediation produces agreement in 50-80% of cases. Source: TopCounselingSchools.org … [Read more...]

The Big Decision: How to Start a Divorce

The Decision to Get Started Often a couple has agonized for months or even years over whether to end their marriage. Those conversations are difficult and include lots of wishing and hoping. Perhaps counseling has been useful, helping to discern … [Read more...]

Why Divorce Mediation Works

When you hear the word “mediation,” what do you think of? Most people connect it to making peace or compromising or resolving a conflict with the help of someone. Mediation is used for working through many topics such as international problems, labor … [Read more...]