Family Mediation

BJ Mann helps parents and teens negotiate the issues of adolescence.

Parent/Teen Relationships

The teen years can be stormy for parents and children alike. Issues such as curfew, dating, chores, allowance and other matters can test the most loving and devoted parent/child relationship. bj mann’s family mediation process helps both the parent and the teen feel equal, valued and respected. BJ establishes a trusted base from which decisions can be made that balance a teen’s need for independence with a parent’s need for boundaries to keep the teen safe.

BJ Mann helps parents negotiate the changes and adjustments that come after the divorce.

Post-Divorce Mediation

Even though a divorce may have been granted, sometimes issues arise that were not anticipated during the process. Perhaps one party interprets the agreement differently, or the parenting plan isn’t working.

Sometimes life changes occur such as an increase or decrease in income, remarriage, or a need to sell the family home earlier than planned. bj mann’s divorce mediation process can save time, money, and pain in working out these issues after the legal process has finished. She also often directs her clients to the appropriate community support group or books for additional information.

“Three years after our divorce was final we were still bickering about the children and threatening to go to court. In just two sessions, BJ helped us create a new parenting plan. Now we both feel more connected to our kids, and there is less conflict. She has a common sense approach that calmed us both down.”

Ellen and Gary

BJ Mann helps build gay, lesbian, and unmarried partnership agreements that provide security and peace of mind.

Partnership Agreements for Unmarried Couples

An unmarried couple who lives together as life partners can create an agreement when they begin their relationship, when they end it, or both. With bj mann’s help, this agreement provides security and understanding for issues that a marriage license gives to others. As a couple under BJ’s care, you decide the plans for jointly-held property, assets, and parenting in a loving and caring manner.

BJ Mann also provides mediation for couples who have children and are not married. The couple discusses child support and parenting options and how to file the agreement in the court system.

BJ helps couples preparing for marriage create an agreement totally customizes to their needs and wishes.

Prenuptial Agreements for Lovers

A prenuptial agreement is useful to establish guidelines and intentions prior to getting married. This loving and sensitive option preserves assets for children when families are blended or in other situations. bj mann’s mediation process helps you create an agreement that details as many specifics as your circumstances require. Her specialty is creating agreements that help you blend and separate finances, assets and resources to meet your needs now and in the future.

“We came to BJ to discuss the pros and cons of getting married for the second time and in our mid-fifties. She was amazing with information and, in fact, even had the name of a celebrant who would perform our own personal service. We were married last June, and BJ created a beautiful and loving prenuptial agreement with us.”

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