Digital Assets and Divorce

Almost every couple owns assets in digital format, including their iTunes music library; Kindle/Nook/other ebook libraries; and digital TV shows, movies, and games. During divorce, a judge or the couple makes decisions regarding how to divide … [Read more...]

Creating a Good Divorce Parenting Plan for Your Children

There are no conversations more poignant or heartfelt than those in which you and the other parent discuss how you will take care of your children during and after the divorce. When your children were born, you imagined parenting with your spouse … [Read more...]

Divorce Through the Eyes of Your Child

When marriages end, couples often disagree about lots of things. They are concerned and filled with emotions and worries. The one thing that couples do agree upon is doing what is best for the children. The challenge surfaces when parents do not … [Read more...]

New Year’s Resolutions and Divorce

The winter solstice and the start of a new year are catalysts for many people who want to resolve to do things differently. We’ve all tried to set goals to make improvements. We are going to exercise more, eat differently, stop spending … [Read more...]

An Unexpected Source of Healing in Divorce

Summer solstice is the longest day of light and has become the symbol of renewal and new beginnings. It is nature’s way of telling us that the long, dark days of winter do end. The cycle of dark and light is as old as biblical stories. This timeless, … [Read more...]

What Is the Number One Source of Marital Conflict?

Before you read further, pause for a moment and consider your answer. Words like communication, money, religion, and relationship might come to mind. All of these would be accurate and typical responses. And yet, embedded in each of these … [Read more...]

Some of the Most Beautiful Gifts Come in Ugly Wrapping Paper

Over the many years I have helped clients end their marriages, I am frequently the only one in the room holding the possibility of their future happiness. Regardless of why the marriage is ending, there is always sadness and mourning. It’s not … [Read more...]