Workplace Mediation

Workplace Conflict Mediation Services | BJ MannWorkplace conflict exists in almost every business and organization and has a profound negative effect on productivity and morale. “She talks about me behind my back” and “He doesn’t arrive to work on time, and others have to pick up the slack” are some examples of common complaints.

Mediation with bj mann helps you discover solutions, change behaviors, and create a productive environment for everyone in the workplace. Contact BJ to find out more about her workplace mediation and conflict resolution workshops.

“When I approached BJ to help with a workplace problem, I was sure the outcome would be having to let one of the employees go. We are a small business, and we need to be a team. BJ was able to get to the root of the conflict; the employees felt heard. She wrote up an agreement they both signed, and they’re sticking to it. Morale has improved a lot.”

President, mid-sized business

Hidden Costs of Conflict

Several commonly tracked employee metrics can provide the business owner or HR manager with a wealth of data to analyze and track the true costs of conflict. Time spent, absenteeism, turnover and grievance filing are indicators of workplace conflict. However, there are additional costs often not considered:

  • Direct Costs: Fees of lawyers and other professionals.
  • Productivity Cost: Value of lost time and the opportunity cost of what those involved would otherwise be producing.

Do You Know What Leads to a Hostile Work Environment?

Several common mistakes can easily lead to a hostile work environment. The good news is that these costly mistakes can be corrected and even prevented.

  • Denial: Executives and managers think “it can’t happen here.”
  • Fearing confrontation: Managers ignore employees’ poor job performance and high-risk behaviors—and fail to document either—because they do not want to confront the employee.
  • Making excuses: Managers “explain,” to themselves, unusual behaviors on the part of employees or peers they know well, instead of seeing the behavior for what it is and taking appropriate steps.
  • The “buddy” system: Managers reward and promote employees on the basis of friendship instead of performance.
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