Divorce and 401Ks and IRAs

Funding retirement is one of the hottest topics there is in personal finance today. Add a divorce to the mix, and the discussion about retirement accounts between separating spouses becomes even more emotional and confusing. It is always hard to … [Read more...]

Divorce and Paying for College

How to pay for college (or other higher education) for the children after your divorce is a very important conversation for parents to have during the divorce. Whatever you and your ex-spouse decide to do about paying for college, your intentions … [Read more...]

Divorce and College Financial Aid

Obtaining college financial aid is confusing enough on its own. When the student's parents are going through a divorce or have been divorced, the financial aid process, rules, and paperwork can be harder to interpret and navigate. Who pays … [Read more...]

Pet Custody in Divorce

Who gets pet custody in a divorce? It might surprise you that the law has not caught up with how people feel about their pets today. Most pet owners consider their dogs and cats to be family, while the law considers them to be property, like … [Read more...]

Social Security Benefits After Divorce

Divorce can have a far-reaching effect on the ex-spouses' financial situations. One area that may have a bit of good news is Social Security (SS) benefits. SS benefits are based on the SS records of the ex-spouses. By "record" I mean all … [Read more...]

Successful Joint Custody in Divorce Means No Surprises

When you and your spouse divorce, the care of your children becomes governed by the concept of legal custody. Child custody during and after divorce can be a minefield of confusion, emotions, and battles. Parents can avoid this when they set … [Read more...]

Health Insurance Options with Divorce

One of the biggest divorce issues is determining the health insurance options that are available for the family during separation and after divorce. With the passage of the nationwide Affordable Care Act, health insurance is accessible to … [Read more...]

Adding Insult to Injury: Taxes During Divorce

One aspect of life's complexity is income taxes. To make matters worse, tax complexity increases during and after divorce. You don’t want to be an expert from a lot of experience, that is, from having many divorces. And you don’t want to pay any more … [Read more...]

Divorce and the Marital Home

One of the biggest financial (and emotional) decisions to be made during a divorce is deciding what happens to the marital home. Most of the time, that property is jointly titled and mortgaged in the names of both spouses. So there are multiple … [Read more...]

9 Reasons to Use Divorce Mediation

Reason #1: Divorce Mediation Puts Your Children First Creating a parenting plan in mediation is a collaborative process with a common goal in mind: to do what is best for your children. A mediator can help educate both spouses in a neutral manner … [Read more...]