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Divorce Mediation FAQs

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Q. What Is Divorce Mediation?

A. Mediation is an option where the participants fully control the negotiation and communicated directly with each other under the guidance of the mediator, BJ Mann. This reduces stress and saves time and money.

Couples who use mediation to develop their separation or divorce agreement find the experience minimizes the emotional and financial cost of divorce.

Working with BJ, an experienced, compassionate mediator, each couple discusses and resolves issues such as parenting plans, child support, marital property, retirement assets, real estate, taxes and other concerns. Couples who use mediation have a significantly better post-divorce relationship.

Q. How Does Mediation Work?

A. The process begins with a free consultation meeting between BJ and the parties involved. At this meeting, BJ describes and discusses the process, fees, and scheduling. Mediated agreements usually cost less than half of traditionally litigated divorces because the parties are doing the negotiating themselves and because one experienced mediator is involved instead of two attorneys.
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Q. How Much Does Mediation Cost?

A. BJ Mann’s fees vary depending on a number of factors. She works with her clients to help make the mediation as affordable as possible. Her fee is paid by the couple together, not individually.

Throughout the mediation process, the parties involved often consult with a range of professionals such as attorneys, financial and tax planners, and insurance agents. BJ can provide referrals to qualified professionals as needed.
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Q. What’s the Current Combined Parental Income Amount Value Used in Child Support Calculations?

A. NYS Child Support Standards uses a figure called the Combined Parental Income Amount (CPIA), also referred to as an “income cap.” As of Mar 1, 2024, that number is $183,000. (It’s updated every 2 years.) For more information, please visit “Organizing Child Support in Divorce-Part 1.”
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Q. What’s the Current Spousal Maintenance Payor Income Cap Value?

A. As of Mar 1, 2024, the current NYS spousal maintenance payor income cap figure used in spousal maintenance guideline calculations is $228,000. (It’s updated every 2 years.) For more information, please visit “Spousal Maintenance Part 1 – What Is It?” and “Spousal Maintenance Part 3 – Post-Divorce.”
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Q. What Are the Results of Mediation?

A. At the conclusion of the mediation sessions, BJ prepares a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), which documents the agreements that the parties have discussed. This is a comprehensive yet easy to understand document and is generally incorporated into the separation or divorce filings.
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Q. What Happens After Mediation?

A. Some couples take the MOU to their respective attorneys for review. Then one of the attorneys will complete the required forms to file the legal separation or divorce action with the court system.

Other couples decide to have the MOU processed into the legal system by using one neutral attorney who will file the papers but neither represents nor gives legal advice regarding the content of the MOU to either person.

New York State does not require couples to use the services of an attorney to obtain a divorce. However, BJ encourages consulting an attorney, which may be beneficial to both parties.
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Q. Why Use Mediation?

A. Mediation is a gentler and more affordable alternative to the traditional attorney and litigation divorce process. Mediation is a very effective way to find solutions. The communication process is clearer and the options for solutions are generally much greater.

Couples who use mediation find there is a much higher compliance rate with the agreement and a significantly better post-divorce relationship, which is invaluable when children are involved. Less strain between parents makes divorce easier for children to cope with. Working with a skilled mediator like BJ means the participants feel valued, respected and heard, so there are fewer misunderstandings in the future.

For more information, please read Why Divorce Mediation Works.

Q. What About Confidentiality?

A. BJ holds all aspects of her relationship with clients as confidential, including the fact that they are clients. Whether she is working with an individual or a couple, she divulges nothing to anyone other than the client unless the client wishes otherwise.

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