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Client Testimonials for BJ Mann

Client Testimonials for BJ Mann, Divorce Mediator

“My ex-husband and I benefited on several fronts from the positive energy, unfailingly balanced information and explanations BJ Mann offered both of us as counterpoints to the very probable ramifications of a drawn-out, costly and eventually acrimonious dissolution of our marriage.

BJ and her resources were responsive to our particular circumstances and helped us create and then file an uncontested divorce agreement within a very short time frame.”
Angela Pichichero, former client

“BJ Mann has the unique ability to turn a painful situation into one where the parties can grow and maintain respect. Her compassion combined with her mediation skills allows her clients to work through the negotiations in an efficient and fair manner. Her thoughtful, experienced process achieves the best possible result for both parties, and prepares them to move on with their lives in a positive way.
David B. Cook, Esq

“Throughout the years of working with couples, I’ve recognized the fact that my divorcing clients have a greater chance of having an amicable outcome when they agree to work with BJ in the process of mediation. They have often shared with me how their initially toxic situation was swiftly reframed into a healing one with her reassuring presence, knowledge, and artful skill. Their children have a far greater chance of moving forward in a healthy way as a result, keeping relationships with each other and both parents intact.
Nancy S. Phelps, LCSW, Certified Imago Therapist

“Despite our obvious stress of undergoing a divorce, BJ’s professionalism, empathy, and compassion as a mediator created a relaxed atmosphere during our meetings with her. Her experience and calm demeanor made the process move smoothly and quickly, and her skill in facilitating tough conversations made them easier and less hostile for us.
Megan Luzak, former client

“As a neutral scribing attorney for BJ Mann, I find that the couples who come to me have been comprehensively and professionally facilitated/served, have benefited from managing their anxiety over the process with BJ’s help, and are well prepared to move forward into the next phase of their lives with dignity and confidence.”
Sharon DiMuro, Esq

“I’ve worked with BJ Mann and her mediation clients as a financial expert for many years. Her clients uniformly praise her mediation skills, knowledge, and ability to help them navigate through challenging, emotionally-charged situations.
Kristen Jenks, CFA, Lumina Partners, LLC

“BJ was wonderful. She made a difficult experience much easier through her compassion, her wisdom, and her expertise. Ending a marriage is never easy, but she kept us on track, helped both of us to feel that our concerns were being heard and addressed, and guided us through the bewildering maze of details that we would never have known about if not for her. She’s incredibly kind, patient, and understanding. I’ve recommended her to several people already and will continue to do so.
Karyn Dolan, former client

“Divorce is a very difficult and emotional time of your life. I felt extremely lucky to have found BJ for our mediation. She was always very professional and open with us, and truly looked out for both of our best interests. It has been ten years since my initial meeting with her, and I still call her when I have a question. She takes her time and after all of these years, still takes care of my needs. I would highly recommend BJ Mann for mediation services.
Jennifer Lathrop, former client

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