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Parenting During Separation and Divorce

Photo of 3 children in back seat of a vehicle

Parenting Checklists, Tools, Worksheets

Parenting and Divorce Support Resources in Rochester NY

  • An independent, peer-support organization for the formerly married (separated/divorced, widowed) and those ending a significant relationship. Read more about Neutral Ground on BJ’s blog.
  • Helps parents focus on the needs of the children both in marriage and in divorce.
  • ACT for the Children: A four and one-half hour class that provides divorcing or separating parents with information and strategies to help their children and themselves through the often difficult family changes caused by a divorce or separation. A.C.T. For the Children is presented to the Rochester, NY community through the volunteer efforts of mental health professionals, judges, and attorneys.
  • Equal Rights for Fathers of New York State: Supportive forum for fathers’ issues relative to separation & divorce.
  • Children’s Institute: Offers programs and services, some of them including parents, to strengthen children’s social and emotional health.
  • Second Saturday Divorce Workshops-Rochester NY: Sponsored by Workshop is open to people in any stage of untying the knot. It offers non-biased financial, emotional, and legal advice from qualified local professionals, providing people with the knowledge, support, resources and trust that they need to survive the divorce process and move forward with confidence toward a new life.
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