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Divorce Mediation

Contact BJ Mann today for affordable separation and divorce mediation that saves money, time and pain.BJ Mann’s divorce mediation process creates a neutral, caring environment in which she helps you come to your own solutions as your marriage ends. She guides you through the conversations you need to have about children, finances, assets, debts, retirement plans and pensions, and the legal arrangements to have your agreement processed. She is expert at keeping the divorce mediation process affordable and on track.

BJ Mann captures not just your thoughts but also your intentions and helps craft the document and language so that they are carried out. BJ focuses on your children, their needs, and the relationship you want to have with them during and after the divorce process.

BJ Mann’s specialty is a durable, comprehensive agreement with no surprises in a year or two. While BJ is not an attorney, she is very knowledgeable about divorce law. She ensures you are well-informed and helps you find additional resources as needed.

BJ Mann’s support goes beyond mediation. A skilled networker and community volunteer, BJ is often able to link clients with job opportunities, Realtors®, legal resources, mortgage brokers, insurance agents, therapists, and counselors. She stays informed about regional support that may help her clients.

BJ Mann’s process is efficient and well-organized, so it is shorter, reducing the amount of time and cost needed to finalize issues. The result is a workable agreement for both parties that provides the predictability and arrangements needed for a smoother transition to the next phase of your life. Read more on how to begin the end of your marriage.

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