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Per FTC regulations, this page describes all sources of any compensation I receive through this site.

I include my policies concerning opinions and reviews I express through this site.

Obtain Appropriate Professional Guidance

I am not an attorney, accountant, insurance agent, estate planner, investment advisor, financial planner, medical professional, therapist, or counselor.

For those reasons, this website is never to be used as a substitute for sound professional advice with an expert who knows your situation and circumstances.

I do have opinions on those topics, however, and may express them in my blog.

Before taking any action based on anything on this site:

  • Be sure to consult with the appropriate professional first, as applicable.
  • Verify any claim, statistics, or other representation about a product or service recommended on this website with the product manufacturer, service provider, or other sources.

Nothing on this site may apply to your situation or work for you as expected or at all, even if it seems like a great idea.

BJ Mann is in no way liable for any effect or result—or lack of either—that you may experience if you decide to take action based on anything on this site.

Opinions on the Site

My intent on my site and blog is to provide high-quality information about divorce and divorce mediation in New York State.

My sources and inspirations include conferences, seminars, and classes I attend; books, magazines, web sites, or blogs I read; groups, associations, and organizations in which I participate; products or services I try or use; people I interact with; and my own work and experience.

As with every other blogger, I like or approve of some things and not others. My opinions are always expressed respectfully, accurately, and honestly. Others are totally free to disagree with me. I never lie or knowingly mislead you.

Guest Authors On My Blog

Guest posts represent the advice, reports, and opinions solely of the respective guest authors. I cannot insure the accuracy of or be held responsible for the content of guest posts. Please exercise all the same cautions listed above before acting on anything you read in a guest post on this site.

Reporting Errors

It is impossible for me to keep each and every post and review updated on a daily basis. For this reason I cannot guarantee the accuracy of all the information you read anywhere on this web site.

Making Comments

I welcome your feedback and assistance in updating the information I present. And I promise to correct any errors as I discover them or as they are brought to my attention. This web site is designed to be a blog and an open forum. So, feel free to challenge me or disagree with me in the Comments section at the end of each post.

All comments become the property of this blog when they are posted. Because of that, I have the right to delete without notice any comment that, in my sole opinion, is abusive, rude, mean-spirited, profane, completely unrelated to the topic itself, or does not serve my readers.

Comments posted at the end of each article represent the advice, reports, and opinions of my readers. I cannot insure the accuracy of or be held responsible for the content of comments by readers.

Product/Service Reviews

I do not accept money, gifts, samples or any other incentives from providers of products or services in exchange for special consideration in the preparation of my reviews or ratings.

If I am sent complimentary items such as books or products, I make no promises to the sender to review or recommend them. Sending me an item does not create an arrangement with or a promise from me to review it. If I do write about it, I will disclose that I received the item in question for free (and from whom). Anything I publish about it is my own opinion and has no connection to the fact that I received the item for free.

Unless otherwise specified, I receive no compensation for the opinions or endorsements I express on this site. If don’t make any statement about the source of the item, it means I purchased the item myself and just want to share my opinion about it.

I never promote something, even if I am offered compensation for that promotion, if I don’t feel it is worth your time, energy, or money. I make every effort in my posts to be fair, accurate, and truthful regardless of whether I am compensated or not.

Compensation Sources from This Site

On this site, when you click on an affiliate link and sign up for its service or order a product from them, I will earn a commission.

If you have any concerns about this policy, please feel free to email me.

Affiliate Marketing Arrangements

I currently have only one affiliate arrangement, and it’s with Amazon.com. I earn a small fee should you purchase their products or services through me by using a special code unique to me in the link to the site. It may be a text link or via a graphic image. If it is a text line, “(aff)” appears after the link to indicate the affiliate relationship. If it’s an ad in the form of an image, it is an affiliate link unless otherwise specified.

I have used them before I became an affiliate of their services and was and continue to be very pleased with them. I recommend them only for that reason.

Conference Attendance

When I attend conferences, for the vast majority of them, I pay my own registration fees and travel/hotel/meal expenses. If I am invited as a speaker, often the conference will waive my registration fee.; sometimes they also pay for my hotel room. Accepting these arrangements makes no agreement between me and the conference organizers that I will write posts or reviews about the event or about what I will say if I do.

Privacy and Copyrights

For this site’s privacy policy and copyright information, please visit the Privacy page.

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