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BJ Mann Divorce Mediation Servicesbj mann’s fair and affordable services help you resolve issues involved in separation and divorce quickly and affordably.

The solutions that she creates with you support you not only through the mediation process but long after the divorce is finalized.

bj mann’s specialty is working through all the issues as a neutral resource, especially in matters regarding care of the children, so that there are no surprises later. She offers affordable mediation services that save you time, pain, and money.

bj mann serves the greater Rochester NY region and offers day, evening, Saturday, and Sunday appointments. Helpful resources:

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Your Go-To Handbook for a Better Divorce

A Better, Not Bitter Divorce | Book by BJ Mann, Divorce Mediator
Divorce does not have to be a bitter ordeal—and no one knows this better than BJ Mann, a leading divorce mediator in Upstate New York who has shepherded more than two thousand couples through the divorce mediation process. A Better, Not Bitter Divorce: A Fair and Affordable Way to End Your Marriage gives divorcing couples the information they need to take apart their relationship as equitably as possible and rebuild their individual lives. It provides clear explanations, concise worksheets, and detailed checklists to help navigate every aspect of divorce.

“BJ helped us work through our divorce decisions in ways we could not imagine. She helped us to hear each other and provided invaluable information that let us reach decisions. We’d recommend her services to anyone.”

Sally & Ted


It’s Not One Divorce, It’s Three

Most talk about divorce implies it’s a one-dimensional activity: Two people decide they no longer want the relationship.

In fact, there are at least two parts to divorce, or three, depending on your situation:

  • The Emotional Divorce: Divorce means both people need to disconnect emotionally and dismantle the couple relationship. If children are involved, a new relationship must be built between the parents to see to the children’s needs.
  • The Economic Divorce: Separating assets and finances is another kind of divorce.
  • The Children’s Divorce: Despite reassurances that the divorce isn’t their fault and both parents still love them, children also go through their own divorce from the life they knew.

BJ Mann guides you and helps you find resources for all three divorces.

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